I am a professional chess teacher, player, and journalist based in Kensington, Maryland. I have more than 40 years experience coaching children and adults, from beginners to experts. Chess is my passion and sharing it by teaching others the joys of chess is my pleasure. I am available for private and web-based lessons, lectures, writing, and exhibitions.

Post-graduate fellowship, National Library of Medicine 1987-1988

Master of Library Science, Syracuse University 1987

Graduate Study in Behavioral Pharmacology, Massachusetts College  of Pharmacy 1975-1978

Bachelor of Science in Zoology, University of Maryland 1974



Senior Technical Information Specialist, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health 1988-2011

    Retired as Chief Technical Editor and Lead Thesaurus Analyst of

    Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), a medical vocabulary database 

    used for indexing and searching medical literature

Senior Coach

I learned to play chess when I was ten years old and read chess books voraciously throughout my teen years. I competed in my first tournament at age 14 and rose quickly through the ranks, twice winning the Maryland Junior Championship. I played top board for my high school chess team, which finished second in the 1st National High School Championship.

On retiring from the Federal government in 2011, I immediately resumed my chess activities on a full-time basis. The game continues to hold me in its thrall! I remain active as a chess coach, writer, player, historian, and chess bibliophile. In 2012, I won the Maryland Senior Chess Championship.

State and World



Returning to graduate school in information studies, I earned a Masters in Library Science and began to work for the federal government at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD. I continued to play chess and twice won the Maryland State Championship after my USCF rating peaked at 2412. I began to play correspondence chess and eventually earned the International Master title from ICCF. I reached the World Championship 3/4 Final before computer programs became good enough to influence top level correspondence play. During this period I continued to teach chess in my spare time.

​​About Allan G. Savage


I became a National Master at age 20 and first started teaching chess while an undergraduate in college. I continued teaching chess while in graduate school and eventually became a full-time chess professional for seven years. During that time I taught chess, authored a book, edited chess magazines, and earned the FIDE Master title (achieving a 2350 performance in three events) by competing in international tournaments.

FIDE Trainer (FIDE)

International Master, International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF)

FIDE Master, International Chess Federation (FIDE)

Life Master, United States Chess Federation (USCF)

Maryland State Champion (1988, 1990)

Maryland State Junior Champion (1968, 1969)

Maryland State Senior Champion (2012)

7th North American Correspondence Champion (tie) (1996)

APCT Correspondence Chess Champion (1991)

Vice President, Chess-on-Stamps Study Unit (CoSSU) 

    American Philatelic Society (2011-present)