The Chess Biography of Marcel Duchamp. Volume 4. The American Years (1942-1968)

   In preparation. To be published by Moravian Press. Duchamp's passionate influence on the chess world including art, promotions, exhibitions, and    tournament games.

Reconciling Chess: A Marcel Duchamp Sampler

   Published by Thinkers' Press, 1998. Limited Edition. Introduction to Duchamp's chess, focusing primarily on his endgame book and containing two    never-before annotated games.

Anti-Indian: Trompowski's Attack

   Published by Thinkers' Press, 1984. An advanced book of opening theory for the tournament player, containing original analysis.

Introduction to Chess: The Creative Game

   Published by Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1982. A practical guidebook for the beginner and novice. Hebrew translation by Or' Am Shatz, 1987.


Doubled c-Pawns: Two Bishops Worth it?. Lecture at 2019 Eastern Open. Falls Church, VA.

The Place of Chess in Culture. Lecture at Kensington Park Library 2017. Kensington, MD.

Key Truths: Most Important Elements in Chess. Lecture at 2015 Eastern Open. Bethesda, MD.

Importance of Pawn Structure in the Middlegame. Lecture at 2014 Eastern Open. Bethesda, MD

The World of Chess and Mental Fitness. Course at Montgomery College 2014. Lifelong Learning Institute. Rockville, MD

Blindfold Chess. Lecture at Montgomery College 2013. Lifelong Learning Institute. Rockville, MD

Imposing Your Will with the Black Pieces. Lecture at 2012 Eastern Open. Washington, D.C.

Bent larsen's Legacy. Lecture at 2011 Eastern Open. Washington, D.C.

Silver Knights Chess. Courses at School Chess Clubs 2011-2013. Maryland and D.C.

Silver Knights Chess Camps 2011-2012. Maryland and Virginia.

Maine Chess Association Lecture 2007. Stonington, Maine.

Caissa's Legacy: The Great Chess Libraries. Thinkers' Press Chess Festival 1998. Moline, IL

More  than 40 years experience in all aspects of chess journalism including writing, editing, annotating, analysis, historical research, proofreading, and indexing.

Castle Chess Camp. Bradford, PA

College Academy for Gifted Children. North Easton, MA

Boylston Chess Club, Boston, MA

Harvard University. Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Center for Adult Education. Cambridge, MA

Dean Junior College. Franklin, MA

Shelby Lyman Chess Institute. New York, NY

Savage Chess

Private Instruction, 1973-present


Instructor for tournament players rated 1200 and up; ages 7 to adult. Topics include opening and middlegame strategy, tactics and combinatorial play, short and long- range planning, endgame theory, tournament preparation, and chess psychology. I emphasize practical application of theory to over-the-board play.


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Individual and group lessons in Maryland, Virginia, D.C., New York, Maine, Iowa, and Massachusetts. Web-based lessons also offered. Lectures, presentations, and exhibitions at schools, chess clubs, chess festivals, and malls.

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It's always about you.

Simply put, my mission is devoted to you, making the most of your chess talent and helping you to achieve your goals.

Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia: "All artists are not chess players...". Tate Etc. (England). Issue 12 - Spring 2008, p76-79.

Duchamp's Chess Library. Etant Donne (Paris) No.4, 2002, p174-179.

Duchamp Dada: A Reappraisal. Kingpin (England) No.30, Spring, 1999, p43-47.

Book reviewer for Chessville website 2012-2013

Book reviewer for Chess Mail 1996-2005

Columnist and book reviewer for APCT Bulletin 1992-2000

Columnist for Chess Horizons 1976-1995

Book reviewer for Chess Life, Chess Horizons, Chess Gazette 1976-1995

Best book review, juried awards, Chess Journalists of America 1985-1988

Contributing Editor Chess Life 1983-1985

Editor of Chess Atlas 1984

Columnist for Chess Life, Chess Atlas, Iowa Chess News 1981-1983

Editor-in-Chief of Chess Horizons 1978-1981