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Participated in Reykjavik Open  2019

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Key Truths: The Most Important Elements in Chess. Bethesda, MD

Eastern Open Lecture, 2015

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The World of Chess for Mental Fitness

Four sessions: March - April,2020

Free Simultaneous Exhibition

Kensington Day of the Book Festival--April 26, 2020  11am--4pm

Allan G. Savage

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Eastern Open Lecture:  Dec 27, 2019  Falls Church, VA    Doubled c-Pawns:  Two Bishops worth it?

Chess Exhibit   December  2018

Collectible books, sets, philatelic items, postcards and other ephemera related to chess.

Kensington Park Library:  In community glass case

Friends of Library Lecture, 2017

    The Place of Chess in Culture

    Kensington Park Library, Kensington, MD.

Lifelong Learning Institute Montgomery College, Rockville